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No monkey, no problem: Mountain West coach brings Elvis along to media days

It was only three years ago that Hawaii’s football program was in potential danger of being shut down. Nick Rolovich, a former Warrior quarterback, was hired before the 2016 season with the daunting task to bring it back to prominence.

Hawaii went 7-7 last season and won the Hawaii Bowl in Rolovich’s debut campaign. He has brought back a bit of energy and excitement, which started right away.

“It’s probably been a little over the top, but that’s to get attention to the program, to get people talking about Hawaii, that’s what I thought we needed,” Rolovich said. “I told the players when I first got there, I said: ‘Listen, I plan on doing a bunch of crazy stuff. Don’t listen, don’t buy in, just trying to get people talking about us. When we get on the field, that’s when we really need to make our mark.’”

Rolovich had players help local kids hunt for Pokemon last summer and donned military gear before a spring practice as he hosted a coaches vs. players water fight.

On Tuesday, he upped the ante in Las Vegas.

Following Rolovich around in the morning was an Elvis impersonator that he hired for two hours at $350 an hour. And to think, it wasn’t even his craziest idea.

“That seemed to be the most fitting and doable,” Rolovich said of being around Elvis in Las Vegas. “Originally, I wanted to get a monkey. They have them, they’re just expensive. There’s permits and all types of stuff.”