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Former Boise State, NFL defensive back Chris Carr set to finish law school

Boise State punt returner Chris Carr runs past SMU defenders during a 78-yard return for a touchdown in the first quarter Oct. 3, 2004.
Boise State punt returner Chris Carr runs past SMU defenders during a 78-yard return for a touchdown in the first quarter Oct. 3, 2004.

Even back when he starred as a defensive back and returner at Boise State, Chris Carr knew what he wanted to do.

“Like coming to college, I didn’t really know what my major was going to be,” he told the Idaho Statesman in 2004. “I never wanted to be a lawyer before my junior year. I took constitutional law and civil liberties. ... I like to debate with people. I like to be right all the time.”

Carr took the LSAT, the law school admissions exam, while he was at Boise State, saying “It’s a really grueling test. It’s four hours straight ... It’s the most intense thinking, reasoning for a straight 35 minutes for each section. I think I did well enough to get accepted to most law schools I apply to.”

After playing at Boise State in 2001-04, then playing for six NFL teams in 2005-13, Carr is finally able to live his dream. And that means more than football.

Carr was profiled by the Washington Post on Sunday as he is set to graduate from George Washington University Law School next weekend.

“I like the sport of football and I really enjoy competing, but I never truly loved football,” Carr said. “Some people can truly love football, and a lot of those people, when they’re done, they have to be around football, so they’re going to coach or they’re going to go into commentary. But I knew I wasn’t going to be one of those people.”

According to the story, Carr accepted a job earlier this month at a Virginia firm that specializes in immigration law. He is learning Spanish and hopes to take the bar exam in California, where he would someday like to open his own firm. His experiences in law classes began at Boise State with civil liberties and constitutional law.

A father of three, Carr finished his NFL career in 2013 with the New Orleans Saints. He had seven career interceptions and a 100-yard touchdown return for the Raiders in 2006. He forced seven fumbles and returned 256 kickoffs and 148 punts.

When speaking to the Idaho Statesman in 2004, then-Boise State cornerback and current safeties coach Gabe Franklin said what was missed when Carr had an injury most of that season was “his leadership out there on the field, and his accountability.” Carr told the Washington Post that his children will know him in the future as a lawyer, not a football player, adding “it will be good to see.”

“He’s one of those people that makes me really hopeful about the profession,” W. Burlette Carter, a George Washington professor, told the Washington Post.