Bronco Beat

Boise State to ask State Board for new coordinator deals, incentives for Harsin

Boise State will seek approval for a two-year contract for offensive coordinator Zak Hill, an extension for defensive coordinator Andy Avalos and amend football coach Bryan Harsin’s contract to include more pay for certain performance-based bonuses.

The Idaho State Board of Education will meet Wednesday and Thursday in Moscow and will discuss the contracts Thursday.

Hill, who Harsin made sole offensive coordinator and play-caller after Scott Huff’s departure last month, has a base salary of $215,000. He was co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach last season and will coach quarterbacks again this season. Boise State is seeking an annual salary of $285,000 for Hill over the next two seasons, with up to $34,250 in bonuses.

Avalos’ deal, which is set to expire after next season, would be a one-year extension through the 2018 season that will boost his pay by $10,000 to $315,000 annually. His total possible bonuses would amount to $35,750, including $10,000 for winning the Mountain West title, for which he previously did not earn a bonus.

Harsin’s contract would not change greatly, though he has more incentive to make it to the conference championship game. There are three new bonuses: $50,000 for winning the Mountain Division (an increase of $35,000), $75,000 for winning the conference championship (an increase of $25,000) and $125,000 for reaching a College Football Playoff semifinal (an increase of $25,000). The Broncos are 4-5 in their last nine games against the Mountain Division and have not played in the conference championship the past two seasons. Previously, Harsin stood to make $65,000 for winning the division title, then the conference, but should it be approved, would make $125,000 in the future.

Harsin’s base salary remains the same — $1.35 million this season and an additional $100,000 each year through 2021 — with a maximum of $675,000 in bonuses if the team meets all of its academic goals and wins the national championship.

Here are Harsin’s current possible bonuses:

▪ $50,000 if the team is the Mountain Division champion.

▪ $35,000 if the team participates in a bowl game; $75,000 if the team is the conference champion; $100,000 if the team participates in a host bowl as part of the College Football Playoff; $125,000 if the team participates in one of the two semifinal bowl games in the CFP (whichever is greatest).

▪ $150,000 if the team participates in the CFP championship game or $250,000 if the team wins the CFP championship (whichever is greatest).

▪ $20,000 if the team’s Academic Progress Rate (for the previous fall and spring semesters) is 955 or higher; $10,000 if the APR is 975 or higher; $5,000 if APR rating is 985 or higher; $15,000 if APR rating is 990 or higher. This is cumulative.

▪ Harsin earns $200,000 each year in royalties that allow the university licensing rights to his name, voice, likeness, etc.