Boise State Football

Point/counter point: Which Bronco player will have the biggest breakout season?

Mike Prater: The better question is - which one won't? The depth chart is loaded with underclassmen (60 percent for the Idaho State game) and the hype has been strong for so many of these players. Kellen Moore is an easy choice, but let's leave him out of the equation. With that said, I'll start with D.J. Harper, the sophomore speedster from Texas. He'll struggle to get carries in a loaded backfield, but I get the feeling that he'll make every one of those carries a prime-time show (Fresno last season?). He had a huge offseason, his quick, slashing style contrasts Ian Johnson's patience and he'll be a monster on special teams. Harper had 376 yards and six touchdowns last season - it could be 500-plus yards and 10 scores this year. Maybe not a total breakout season, but those are strong stats for a role player.

Brian Murphy: Not sure if he counts, but I'm expecting a huge season out of senior Vinny Perretta. If you look at his career numbers - 38 catches for 413 yards and two TDs - they don't even match what Titus Young did last year. So even though he's been a big part of Boise State's success, he hasn't had monster numbers. That might change this year. On the defensive side, look out for sophomore defensive end Ryan Winterswyk. Mark this down: He will be a first-team All-WAC player this year.

MP: Murph, how about Brandyn Thompson? He's starting at cornerback opposite All-WAC player Kyle Wilson, which sets him up for an interesting season. I'm not a coach, but I'm smart enough to know that offensive coordinators/play-callers will shy away from Wilson and pick on Thompson, a sophomore. He'll either struggle in that role, our bust out big. After a strong fall camp, I'm thinking he'll have a big year.

BM: The entire secondary could use a big year for the Broncos, who are shuffling linebackers around and will feel the loss of safety Marty Tadman. Sophomores Jason Robinson and Jeron Johnson are also breakout candidates, Johnson in particular. His physical style in the defensive backfield is what the Broncos want and need there.

MP: I don't know what kind of year he'll have, but tight end Chris O'Neill deserves a little love. The senior has finally landed his first starting role, which says something about his character. With junior Richie Brockel as a wingman, imagine the punishment the two 250 pounders will dish out.

BM: The breakout the Broncos need the most? A linebacker, any linebacker. Kyle Gingg would be my pick to have a big season, but Boise State needs one or two of their many LBs to have a big season.