Boise State Football

Some of Kellen Moore's teammates were unaware he had been named top quarterback

While half of Boise seemed caught up in the hype surrounding Wednesday's announcement that redshirt freshman quarterback Kellen Moore will start for the Broncos this year, some of his teammates were unaware of the development.

The players had most of the day off Wednesday and coaches didn't make any sort of team-wide announcement Thursday.

"We had no clue (who was winning the job)," sophomore tailback D.J. Harper said. " I just found out (Thursday) morning when I showed up to meetings."

The feeling among players seemed to be that either Moore or senior quarterback Bush Hamdan could lead the Broncos to a successful season.

The decision to start Moore produced more relief - no more talk about who might be the quarterback - than emotion.

"It was a 'whatever happens, happens' type of deal," freshman center Thomas Byrd said.

Byrd thought the coaches would choose Hamdan because of his experience. He heard chatter about Moore on the radio Wednesday but wasn't sure he'd won the job until practice Thursday.

"(The radio report) was one of those things where you go, 'Huh. What'd they just say?' " Byrd said.

Teammates expressed support for Moore, who has earned their respect the same way he earned raves from the coaches - with his work ethic.

"He's like a silent leader," Byrd said. "It's kind of like a do-before-you-say type of deal. He's just one of those guys who gets on the field and just handles it."

Moore assumed control of the offense for Thursday's practice - and he looked comfortable. It was the first time that he didn't have to share the first-team snaps with Hamdan.

"He's really confident, he has great poise and he's really smart when it comes to football," Harper said. "He knows what he's doing out there."

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