Boise State Football

UPDATED: A video game trailer featuring BSU is in June 6's News from the Web

9:50 a.m.

Click here to check out the trailer for the new XBOX 360 NCAA Football 08 game.

If you’re a BSU fan, I think you’ll like it (it shows an animated version of those glorious final moments of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl).

Then click here for more info about the game.

8:30 a.m.

Speaking of video games....Pac-Man is back.

Click here to read about a new Pac-Man playing champ and a new version of the famous ‘80s game for your XBox.

If you don’t have an XBox (or if you are reading this at the office), click here to play a version of the original.

Just be sure to ask a trusted coworker to keep an eye out for your boss.

Were you a Pac-Man fan?

Or are you addicted to more contemporary video games?

What do you play?

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You want to know who is more dedicated than ‘80s video game fans?

“Jericho” lovers.

At least that’s the message a hardcore group of fans is trying to send to CBS, the network that canceled their beloved show about residents of a Kansas town in the aftermath of nuclear attacks.

When CBS announced its fall schedule last month and “Jericho” fans found their television fix missing, they launched this campaign, which has included sending literal nuts to CBS executives.

I got an e-mail from a News from the Web reader alerting me to this Web-based campaign.

“Jericho,” which was up against “American Idol” for part of its run, also was available for watching online. Fans say that the less than stellar Neilsen ratings didn’t reflect true demand and love of the show.

According to this article, their efforts may be gaining traction.

Of course, it’s not the first time television fans have waged an Internet battle to save their prime time sweethearts.

Viewers calling themselves Browncoats fought long, hard and unsuccessfully to resurrect Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” cowboys-in-space series.

More recently, “Veronica Mars” fans tried to convince the CW to keep their favorite spunky teen sleuth around awhile longer.

I personally never watched “Jericho” (there is only so much hard drive space in my DVR), but if there’s hope for “Jericho,” am I in denial thinking that Veronica might be back some day?

Are you fighting to save “Jericho”? Or is there another series cancellation that has you working message boards across the net?

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On a serious note, click here to read a column by an LA Times correspondent about her time reporting — and difficulties — working as a woman in Saudi Arabia.

It’s one that should make you mighty glad to live here in the US.