Boise State Football

Gowler: It's been a privilege — and a thrill — to cover BSU's victory

Coach Pete. Ian and Chrissy. Jared. Korey. No last names needed.

What a week for Boise, its university, its football team and its fans.

It's been a great honor for our newsroom to be able to cover Boise State University's undefeated season and one of the most amazing, courageous football games of all time.

The adrenaline from Monday night's game coverage spilled over into Tuesday. We scrambled to produce an Extra edition with the latest news for our readers as many of them returned from Arizona. We kept going and quickly turned around a color graphic of the three trick plays that shocked the world and a detailed anatomy of the upset to run in Wednesday's paper.

We still didn't stop. We wanted to give this community a special section to commemorate the season. You can see it inside today's paper. It's a keeper, and I've talked the publisher into printing limited-edition posters of the cover.

Our job is to share the images, the stories and the emotions of the key events that move our community. Our job is to capture the moment and hold it still for all of us to savor.

It took the entire newspaper staff to do that for you on this event. You see the bylines of reporters and credit lines for photographers and graphic artists, but it also took assigning editors, page designers, copy editors, proofers, platemakers, pressmen, carriers, advertising sales folks, our front desk sales staff, phone receptionists — all the 400 dedicated people who work here.

I hope you enjoyed our efforts.


A little more than two years ago, we started publishing a weekly tabloid for Meridian and Eagle focused on people who make a difference and the good things happening in those communities.

Readers said they loved it, particularly the profiles and the neighborhood news. Now we want all of our readers to have that content.

Starting Monday, we will transform the daily Communities pages into daily Our Towns pages. They'll be just inside the back page of the first section. Our priority is to share stories about people and events in our towns in the Treasure Valley.

Wendy Nielsen, who has successfully edited the weekly section for the past year, will be in charge of the daily Our Towns pages for all readers. We will continue to have profiles on the people and programs that make a difference in our schools, on what's happening in our faith communities, and on what our government officials are doing. We will continue the popular "In Remembrance" columns.

But we'll also have new features, including a photo-of-the-week column by our talented photographers called "What You See" (look for Ms. Idaho Senior America on Monday by Kerry Maloney); "Emily's Posts" each Tuesday by Emily Simnitt (look for some stories on tailgating parties from the Fiesta Bowl); and a "We'd Like You to Meet ..." profile on Fridays (meet local leadership development trainer Dan Bobinski this week).

We will continue our Year of Caring commitment on Thursdays with a spotlight on nonprofit organizations and their volunteers.

I hope you like the new content. Do let me know.


To accommodate these changes, and to respond to readers' requests to move local obituaries closer to local news, we are going to swap the location of our opinion/editorial pages and our obituaries.

Starting Monday, you will find local obituaries in the first news section, right before the Our Towns pages. And you will find our editorials, reader's views and letters to the editor in the second news section, just before the weather page.

We also are moving "What's New," a Thursday column detailing new stores, restaurants and other growth and development to page 2 of Business.

Vicki Gowler is the editor andvice president of the IdahoStatesman. She can be reachedat vgowler@idahostatesman.comor 377-6403.