Boise State Football

Orange and blue dominates Tempe New Year's Eve party

Happy New Year’s Eve from Tempe — although it might as well be Boise.

I’m spending the evening at the Insight Fiesta Bowl Block Party on Mill Avenue and the street is literally awash in orange and blue.

At Starbucks, where I went for a tiny pick me up so I can last until midnight, I met Ron and Marylyn Gabriel and Lynnda Gilbert, who all flew in to Phoenix from Boise on Saturday.

Ron stood up from his table in the crowded establishment to show me all his Bronco gear, beginning with the stuffed orange monkey wearing a blue jersey hanging from his neck.

“My wife made this,” Ron said, before pointing out his Boise State sweater and jacket and Fiesta Bowl hat.

Then he lifted his sweater to show off his BSU T-shirt.

Not to be outdone, Marylyn showed off her purse with a BSU-motif on the band, the orange and blue beaded bracelet she made herself with blue helmet and football charms and the funky orange cowboy hat she bought in Mexico.

Of course she was wearing an orange sweatshirt.

Lynnda even had on football socks.

And I thought I’d have to wait until the big game to see this much Bronco wear.

Now, back to the party (a girl can’t work all night on New Years).

Have a safe New Year’s Eve and check back early Monday (but not too early) for more scenes from Sunday night’s rockin’ Tempe block party.