Boise State Football

7:30 a.m. — New Year's Eve: The last day of the year and the last day to get to the Fiesta Bowl

Let me tell you a little about my Sunday morning: I woke up in my deluxe bed (which had a chocolate on it last night) and I’ll shortly head down to talk to Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and BSU coach Chris Petersen.

I may happen to grab a complimentary chocolate croissant along the way from the media room.I’ll most decidedly be visiting the on-resort Starbucks.

It’s a rough life.

Staying in all this luxury makes me feel for those of you who still have to travel to Phoenix today to arrive for Monday’s Fiesta Bowl game.

I especially feel for Dale Jones who surprised his 10-year-old son with Fiesta Bowl tickets in his Christmas stocking.

The problem: That stocking was hung by the chimney with care at the house the Jones were visiting from Boise in Arkansas for Christmas.

The two unsuccessfully tried to change their flights.

No dice.

They flew back to Boise from Arkansas Saturday and began the 17-hour drive to Phoenix at 5 a.m. this morning.

I figured it was the least I could do to get up early enough to post the news of their long trip before 8 a.m.

Sure, today’s still all about the Broncos (and ringing in the New Year).

But here’s another cheer: Go Joneses! You can do it!

Check back later for a report from the press conference.

After that, I’ll be hunting down BSU fans in Boise.

This afternoon I’ll be heading down to the big block party in Tempe with photographer Chris Butler, and, the Internet gods willing, I’ll be posting live from New Year’s Eve fun.

(So if you’re the type who’ll be holding your champagne in one hand and clicking on your computer with your other, you can join vicariously in what sounds to be a pretty kickin’ party).