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North Carolina baseball’s training room assistant — a dog — is an internet home run

Remington isn’t just a cute dog who holds his own hat during the national anthem. Remington is a pup with purpose.

Officially, the 2-year-old golden retriever is the psychiatric medical alert facility rehabilitation service dog for the No. 2 ranked North Carolina baseball team, the first of his kind in the ACC. That long title translates into something rather simple: Remington helps players grapple emotionally as they recover from injuries.

The University of North Carolina posted a story about Remington on March 23, 2017, detailing his duties as a shoulder to lean on as players rehabbed. Deadspin and USA Today were among the national outlets who picked up the story on May 30, and the internet can’t get enough of Remington, who has his own Instagram page with 2,677 followers.

According to the original post, Remington, who began his training in the Paws4People organization when he was just three days old, knows more than 100 commands. He also reportedly carries water, congratulates players during games and stands for the national anthem, glove or hat in mouth.

Terri Jo Rucinski, the coordinator of North Carolina’s physical therapy clinic and the team’s athletic trainer, said players are able to “turn the corner really quickly” with help from Remington.

“I’d like to think he had something to do with it,” Rucinski said.