Boise State basketball player Trent dismissed after drive-by shooting arrest

Boise State basketball player Dezmyn Trent was dismissed from the team Thursday after being arrested in his hometown of Tacoma, Wash.

According to Pierce County jail records, Trent is in custody in relation to a drive-by shooting, arrested by Lakewood, Wash. police. He was booked at 1:22 a.m. PT Thursday.

A Lakewood spokesman told the Idaho Statesman that Trent was among four men arrested after shootings at approximately 6 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment complex. Nearly 30 shots were fired in the alleged incidents, which police believed to be gang-related. No one was injured and no charges have been filed.

Officers investigated the first shooting, and witnesses reporting a dark SUV driving slowly when 13 shots were fired. In the second shooting, nearby officers heard 16 gunshots, arrived to the scene and saw a dark SUV leaving the parking lot. After being pulled over, a shell casing fell off the driver as he exited, along with a gun in plain sight. Trent was among those in the car.

Trent, a guard, was suspended to start last season for an unspecified violation of team rules.

“This program believes strongly in offering young men an opportunity to succeed,’’ Boise State coach Leon Rice said in a statement. “Unfortunately it appears as if Dezmyn still has some obstacles that he needs to overcome.”

Trent played in 11 games last season as a sophomore, averaging 3.5 points and 2.2 rebounds per game. He played in 20 games as a freshman, averaging 2.6 points and 1.4 rebounds per game. Perhaps his most memorable moment came when he shot a 3-pointer against San Jose State while leading by 18 as players were walking off the floor at the buzzer. Rice was not pleased.

Trent fared well in the Las Vegas Classic in December, but an ankle injury kept him out the last two months of the season.


Rarely did Trent speak to the media, but he sat down with me in October before the season. I asked about why basketball meant so much to him, coming from a tough background, raised by a mother who struggled with health problems.

“Besides my (five) sisters, it’s all I’ve really got,” Trent said. “... It’s why I wake up. Practice is my favorite part of the day.”

He said he emulated Kobe Bryant: “He plays hard all the time, he doesn’t make excuses, and if he feels a way about something, he tries to say it. I’ll go to the coaches, they think I might do it to complain, but I do it because that’s what Kobe does.”

On the San Jose State 3, he said Derrick Marks gave him a look like “you’re not going to shoot this.” And he did, of course. He said, “I didn’t feel bad, I would have if I missed, but we’re playing basketball.”

We talked about the contradiction of how his body language sometimes indicated he didn’t seem to care, but he and teammates mentioned his dedication to the sport. He said: “we have the team that can win the Mountain West, but we all have to be there, including myself, wanting to help everyone, not just me. I’m quiet, I don’t get close to a lot of people, and that was a problem when I got here. Coaches told me it only will work if I opened up more. Our (offeason) made me realize they were ready to go to war with me, and I’ll go with them.”


Here is the Boise State roster as it stands for 2015-16:

Seniors: G/F Anthony Drmic (6-6, 204); G Mikey Thompson (6-4, 179); G Montigo Alford (5-9, 164); G Lonnie Jackson (6-4, 175, Boston College graduate transfer); G James Reid (6-3, 200, walk-on transfer from Arkansas-Little Rock, will redshirt in 2015-16)

Juniors: F James Webb III (6-9, 202); F Nick Duncan (6-8, 245)

Sophomores: G Chandler Hutchison (6-7, 190); F/C David Wacker (6-10, 238)

Freshmen: F Zach Haney (6-11, 232, redshirted last season); G Paris Austin (5-11, 160); G Malek Harwell (6-4, 175)