Letter to the sports editor: Boise State football

Boise State football

Congratulations to Bryan Harsin and the BSU Athletic Department for their handling of the Ryan Finley matter. They aptly demonstrated what is wrong with college football, that a player can do anything without fear of consequences. Harsin’s double talk in attempting to explain the decision is simply nonsense. He and BSU should be ashamed.

In truth, Harsin’s need for a quarterback and BSU’s desire to make money on football outweigh any lesson the school may have had the opportunity to provide Finley. BSU is in the business of education, and they have taught Finley a valuable lesson: football trumps responsibility. The lesson will be driven home for Finley as his football career wanes and coaches such as Harsin and schools like BSU abandon him to the rigors of real life.

We can look forward to Mr. Finley’s future career. All because he was taught at BSU, he’s special and as long as he can play football, he is exempt from responsibility for his actions.

Nicely done, BSU. The famous BSU blue field should be red from embarrassment.

Greg Stock, Meridian