Letter to the sports editor: BSU football

BSU football

The Mountain West Conference recently held its annual preseason meetings with coaches, players and media. This is the conference that Boise State belongs in. Not the Big 12 or other such conferences.

The football programs in the Mountain West have gotten much stronger in recent years, and Boise State geographically is in the west, not midwest, east or south. We have existing rivals that go back to when BSU first became a four-year college.

Although I realize that in the business world, and as colleges are subject to, the programs must move forward, but I do still miss the old Big Sky Conference. Let’s not lose our identity and remember where we are from as we move forward.

I feel Boise State University needs to settle in and continue to be a mainstay in the Mountain West Conference. I also believe that down the road the Mountain West Conference will be part of a new “Power Six Conference” with automatic national playoff berth. Go Broncos.

Orrin Tuttle, Boise