Boise Hawks’ blimp makes its debut

It was a day late, but the new blimp at Memorial Stadium made quite an impression.

In an effort to combat the sun-drenched seating along the first base line, the Boise Hawks introduced a 30-foot blimp to move as the sun does. It arrived in Boise a few hours before Friday’s debut, and as it did, the unique idea went viral, picked up by national sources like and

“If we were looking for national press, we got it,” Hawks president Todd Rahr said. “... We knew it wasn’t going to be shade for everybody all game long, but it gave some relief.”

Rahr said the Hawks will continue to try different scenarios, not even ruling out the use of two blimps. The result was a mixed bag, occasionally giving some shade to a few dozen fans at a time, though all sides agreed it’s a work in progress.

“It didn’t really help out,” said Hawks fan Kirk Nylander, briefly shaded by the blimp. “It was a good try, but maybe we need some scientists to get the right angle on it or something.”