Letters to the Sports Editor, Sunday May 10: MLB box scores

Box scores

Please add my voice to the chorus of baseball fans who want box scores back in the paper. There is no other way to get quick information about what happened with every player in every game.

I really miss getting those statistics every day with my newspaper. The little game summaries and the “Leaders” stats just don’t cut it. Why give people yet another reason to drop their subscriptions?

David Proctor, Boise

In all my life (a very long time), I have never seen a real sports section omit MLB box scores. To any baseball fan, it is sacrilegious.

The new version of the section has crammed so much minutia into a horrible format on the back page, that it requires a magnifying glass to read. Yet, among all of those statistics, for some strange reason, the MLB box scores are omitted.

Lack of space? If that (cost?) is the reason, why not just eliminate all of it? Perhaps this is a good example of why the internet is taking over the news business.

John Cavanaugh, Garden City

I would like to make a request that the MLB box scores be returned to the sports page of the Idaho Statesman. I have felt all spring that an important part of the pleasure I get from reading the paper every day has been missing.

I realize that a short summary of a game will satisfy the casual fan, but for people who really enjoy and follow the games, teams and players, the box score is a source of the information to answer all of the questions you have. Did Ichiro play today? Did Kris Bryant hit a home run? How many strikeouts did Felix get? How many errors did the Red Sox make?

With the box score, you can almost recreate the game in your mind and “see the game” even though you were not there. You can follow the ups and downs of your favorite teams and players in a very personal way, day-by-day that is not possible without the information that is available in the box scores.

Speaking for myself and many of my friends, we really miss the box scores and hope that they will be returned soon.

Kent Harris, Boise

I have always been a paper baseball fan. It was part of my morning ritual to read the box scores.

It started as a kid in the ’80s when I followed the Cubs. The odds of watching a Cubs game was low as they were always on during the day when I was at school. The only exposure I had to baseball was the box scores.

When I see only the record, and whether they won or lost last night’s game, it tells me nothing about the team. I only watched maybe two games in 1990 when Sandberg hit 40 HRs, but I lived it through the box scores. The same with the chase for Maris’ record. I watched more games that year, as I wouldn’t miss a St. Louis-Chicago game, but I lived the Sosa/McGwire race through the box scores.

To me, taking the baseball box scores out is no different than taking out the comics — it’s something I read every day that I would never search out online. I would just go without, and one more reason to not read the paper at all.

Almonzo Walker, Boise