Letters to the sports editor — Sunday, May 3

High school lacrosse

To Meridian HS lacrosse team parents: First: Your boys are terrific, they play well and are a lot of fun to watch. I would have enjoyed watching the April 29 game against Emmett no matter the final score.

What I did not enjoy was listening to the three or four rude, obnoxious, abusive and offensive fathers berating the officials about every call. If you are so good, why are you not volunteering your time, giving up your evenings and weekends and getting out on the field to coach or referee yourself?

The officials are there to help your kids, encourage them to play the sport and learn a few life lessons. They deserved better behavior from parents.

Yes, they made some bad calls. I saw most of them, and not all went against Meridian, either. If you have a problem with referees, keep your mouth shut, go home and write a letter to the association. Do not go charging across the field to yell at the officials after the game.

Poor sportsmanship, bad manners and non-existent temper control have no place on the field or on the sidelines.

Good job Warriors, shame on you dads.

Teresa Murray, Emmett

Sports section

I grew up in a household that subscribed to two daily newspapers. Reading the newspaper is engrained in me.

My wife and I, as part of our morning ritual, pour a cup of coffee and she starts with the front page and I grab the Sports section. At least we used to do that until the Statesman decided to combine the two sections with the exception of the Sunday edition. Like many of your other readers, this has disrupted our morning routine and we are not fans of the change.

Now, the Statesman has decided to remove the baseball box scores from the Sports section. This is a bridge too far for me. I am not sure what marketing genius decided that was a good move. I am sure it had to do with some study showing readers who are ages 18-35 don’t really follow baseball anymore.

Here is a news flash for the person who made this poor decision: the demographic of your readers who take a daily home newspaper falls more in the 35-85 age. These folks like baseball box scores.

And a separate Sports section.

Rob Shockley, Eagle

I have come to expect less and less from the Statesman since it ceased being a newspaper and became a corporate profit center. Whenever Vicki Gowler appears to tell Statesman readers that we will soon be treated to a “new-and-improved” product, I simply wait for the other shoe to drop.

A few days ago, I searched in vain for the baseball box scores, and not finding them called Sports Editor Mike Prater to inquire as to their demise. Baseball fans love box scores. Unlike other major sports, baseball box scores are essential to understanding the game and following the players.

I suspect the real reason for eliminating the box scores was space saving. A sports editor who does not grasp the vital importance of box scores to baseball fans? Without box scores, the baseball coverage is essentially useless.

I have put up with much concerning the Statesman and its content, but unless the box scores are reinstated, I will not renew my subscription.

Keith Hull, Garden Valley

The Statesman jettisoning box scores is perfectly emblematic of what’s wrong with sports media, and reporting in general. Here are some items included in today’s Sports section: a BSU football player got drunk, some guys are skipping the NFL Draft, Goodell thinks he is doing a good job.

You’re featuring irrelevant gossip in place of a literal and precise description of what actually took place on-field in a major sport. The little blurbs skipping over the surface, describing key plays, aren’t telling me anything.

Unless the players I follow happened to hit the game-winning home run, they’re not mentioned. As a daily baseball fan, I want to know whether the M’s are trusting Ackley to hit in the late innings, or if they’re bringing Seth Smith off the bench. I want to know if Papelbon threw a four-out save. Even the new standings are incomplete, without current won/lost streaks, last 10 games.

The rationale provided by the sports editor, that many readers don’t use the box scores, doesn’t make sense. I don’t care about the PGA, NASCAR, BSU football, Garfield or stock quotes. Is the new policy to run only unanimously approved items?

Adam Phillips, Boise

Please bring back the baseball box scores. It is the only way to learn what happened in the game. If space isn’t an issue, what is the problem?

Maurice Hornocker, Bellevue

As a longtime subscriber to your paper, I wake up everyday with the expectation of seeing MLB box scores in your paper. It is very discouraging that they are still not there and your lack of concern and desire for your readers to included them is baffling.

If it is not a space issue, as you have stated, what is the problem? All you have to do is find a place for them, plagiarize the AP for the work they have already done, put them in and all would be happy.

Brad Vaughan, Boise