Letters to the sports editor — Sunday, April 26

Pete Rose

Regarding the recent opinions about readmitting Pete Rose back into baseball: Major League Rule 21(d) still exists. It reads: “Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible.”

This rule is not discretionary. Don’t get sidetracked by arguments that Rose bet on his team to win, or that he bet as a manager. It doesn’t matter. And don’t get off the subject claiming that PED users did much worse. That is off point.

There are two ways to get Pete back into baseball: 1. Ignore the rule. 2. Change the rule.

Pat Jameson, Boise

MLB box scores

I used to think the Statesman had a pretty good sports page for a smaller paper, but not so much any more.

First you drop the baseball box scores so I can’t follow my favorite players. Then at a time when we are blessed with the Stanley Cup playoffs and the NBA playoffs, the Statesman rarely mentions the hockey games.

You seem to like motor sports a lot. Maybe the hockey players don’t move fast enough to interest you. Please bring back the baseball box scores and give decent coverage of the major sports.

Ken Sherman II, Boise

Say hey! As a lifelong fan of the world champion San Francisco Giants and a long-time subscriber and devoted reader of the Statesman, I strongly urge you to reinstate major league box scores in every issue of your newspaper.

As a former paperboy and journalist, I have long considered baseball box scores to be an important element of any daily newspaper. I’m sure I’m not alone in considering the omission of box scores a deal breaker.

Bill English, Boise

In response to Rich Kaufman and Charles Ray in the April 19 letters to the sports editor, I also contacted Mike Prater and received the same response that “too many readers are telling them that they do not read the box scores.”

I, too, would like to know who they asked. My fellow MLB fans at work, and those on the three softball teams that I play, were not asked as well. Seems to be someone’s idea without really checking out who would like to see them.

Think about it. How can you tell how players and teams are really doing? The little skimpy one-paragraph statement we now get? Not hardly. From the “leaders in each category?” This tells us who is doing well now.

The box scores tell us how the players are doing. How and where they are batting. How the pitchers are doing. Errors. ERA. There is so much that the box scores show and give to us as readers that I cannot even imagine it not being in the paper.

I agree with Rich Kaufman — contact them today. Hopefully they will reinstate the essential information of MLB box scores.

Dennis Yates, Boise

After contacting Mike Prater, sports editor, and receiving a less-than-satisfactory reply with his standard spiel for omitting major-league box scores, I strongly urge you to reinstate them.

Why can’t the Statesman give the MLB season the same in-depth coverage that football receives? Believe it or not, baseball has a huge fan base and your readers deserve the the same coverage.

Jan English, Boise

Kudos to Rich Kaufman of Boise and Charles Ray of McCall on their opinions, especially Rich’s shot at a “major” newspaper. You listening Statesman?

Box scores are baseball itself. The minutiae of detail you get is fascinating (OK, to a baseball fan). Hey Boise, you can even follow Hawks’ kids who make it to the bigs. See what they are doing with the MLB team to which they were promoted.

I grew up on the Columbia River. We didn’t have TV, and radio didn’t carry baseball. The newspaper was it. Box scores told about 90 percent of the game’s happenings.

When I go to L.A. (ugh), I take my grandson to a Dodgers game. Next morning, we pour over the box score. It’s fun, informational. Good time with grandson, too. Again. Hey Statesman, that’s three of us who care about MLB box scores. How many others of the 1.4 million Idahoans care?

John W. Morgan, Emmett

I have been a subscriber to the Statesman for 32 years and look forward to reading the baseball box scores each morning. Why have these been removed from the sports section this year?

The MLB standings have also been reduced to less information and no late scores. I thought we lived in the Mountain Time Zone, not in the East. Late baseball scores were always included; what has happened to them? Are we all of a sudden an eastern newspaper without late scores?

With the change in the sports page in the middle of the main section, the reduced size of the paper each day, increased subscription price and the lack of baseball box scores, I am ready to cancel my subscription. You asked for input and many of my friends agree with me on this.

Please reconsider your decision on MLB coverage. This issue is important to your readers.

Rick Bollman, Boise

Please reinstate MLB box scores. Many of us follow individual players as much as team results.

Dave Hayes, Boise

I miss the box scores in the Sports section. They are real handy when I talk baseball with my grandchildren — to discuss lineup changes and pitching options. Could you possibly start including them?

Although most of the information is available on my cell phone, it is a pain to look it up — and takes forever.

I’m an 88-year-old grandfather. Thanks for considering this.

Stan Henry, Boise

MLB box scores no longer serve a value to our readers? Well, I say hogwash. Box scores are the heart and soul of a ballgame. We baseball fans consume this information.

A one-line description is great for a newsletter, but not a newspaper. Please bring back the box scores for they are a must for all baseball fans.

Tom Lynch, Boise

I am in Erie, Pa. to see the three-game series between Erie and Altoona (Eastern League). The 2013 census lists Erie’s population as 100,671 and Boise’s as 214,237. But the Erie daily newspaper has four full sections while the Statesman has slowly gotten smaller, but its price has increased. The Erie sports section covers local college and pro sports, local minor league sports, national sports and includes daily box scores.

The Statesman sports section is now included in the first section and is predominantly wire service stories.

Recent letters questioned the lack of MLB daily box scores in the Statesman. The truthful answer is obvious: There is little interest in baseball and local pro sports teams from the Statesman sports department. The Statesman sports department covers what they like, not what fans want to read.

There is no room for box scores, consistent local pro coverage, and their major-league affiliates. But there is always room for BSU football stories and pictures.

And by the way, still no BSU baseball.

Mal Fichman, Boise