Letters to the Sports Editor (Sunday, April 19): Boise State football, Kellen Moore and MLB box scores

BSU football

What a great experience I had Saturday, April 11, at the Spring Game. As I walked up to the Albertsons Stadium gate, a security person stopped me and said I could not take my cushioned seat in. I was told it was too wide and takes up too much space.

I could not believe what I heard. I have taken it in before. I wasn’t going to walk back to my car and walk all the way back again.

What about the more than 50 percent of the fans who have wider hips and take up more space than my seat does? Should they have been not allowed to enter?

Just another thorn in the back by the athletic department. Nice move. I was going to purchase season tickets and also basketball tickets. Not now, and no more contributions from me and my wife. I hope AD Coyle and Coach Harsin read this. Let’s fill the stadium (yeah, right). I sure would like my $10 refunded.

Constantine (Gus) Kinnas, Boise

Bob Kustra — you should be ashamed of yourself. Boise State complains about fans not filling the stadium on football game days, yet you decide to charge fans $10 to watch a practice game in the rain. You should have let them in for free and given them free hot dogs and hamburgers.

This was an opportunity for Boise State to thank its loyal fans, and what did you do? You showed a lack of consideration.

Sandra Lodge, Meridian

I don’t get it. All the hoopla for the Spring Game to honor Kellen Moore for just a four-minute presentation of highlights and a framed jersey? This is the very least that should have been done for him, three years ago.

Come on, Mark Coyle and Boise State, give Kellen his due. Retire his number. Or put up a bronze statue. Or have his name and number in a ring of honor at Albertsons Stadium. Something worthy of the record he accomplished at Boise State.

This is the winningest college quarterback to ever play — 50-3. If there’s any person worthy and justifiable of such an honor, it’s Kellen Moore.

Here’s a chance to step out of the shadows of Gene (Bleymaier) and make a mark for yourself, Mr. Coyle. Let’s set the standard and get tradition going of retiring numbers that are worthy. And when you do it, do it during a regular-season game in front of 37,000 fans and a national TV audience, not some scrimmage in front of 10,000 fans. Please.

Vince Huerta, Boise

Kellen should have his No. 11 retired at Boise State. What an honor for Kellen, and for BSU, to be the winningest quarterback in NCAA history.

Sandi Thompson, Boise

Kellen Moore, of course, is far too gracious to ask, but some us might like to know what one has to do at BSU to have one’s jersey officially retired; especially in this age of athletic thuggery, academic side-stepping and general social misconduct.

Furthermore, one might also like to know who ultimately was responsible for this oversight involving a young man who was so well-respected during his years at BSU.

Having a pregame ceremony during spring practice seems like a left-handed compliment, but presenting the young man with a framed jersey without the honor of retiring that jersey number seems like a careless toss of salt into any wounds he might quietly entertain.

Miles Edward Friend, Eagle

MLB box scores

MLB without box scores? What is the next move by the Statesman, no peanuts in Cracker Jacks?

Mike Prater sent me this response to not including daily baseball box scores this season for what I assume is the first time in the Statesman’s history. “We have stopped running MLB box scores because we believe they no longer serve a value to a majority of our readers. It’s not a space issue, it’s a use issue, because far too many readers are telling us they don’t read box scores in the newspaper ....”

I was not asked my preference. Were you? Contact them today and let them know that baseball box scores are part of any sports section in a “major” newspaper.

Rich Kaufman, Boise

I am very disappointed the Statesman has decided not to print MLB box scores. I have purchased the Statesman every day I have been within the distribution area since 1976. I sincerely hope you will reinstate the daily box scores. Until then, I will no longer be buying the Statesman.

Charles Ray, McCall

College basketball

Dick Vitale says Coach K is now ahead of John Wooden as the greatest college hoops coach. Hey Dickie V, Coach Wooden has 10 national championships and that was in a 12-year period, while Coach K has five.

Coach Wooden is 10-0 in the championship game, Coach K is 5-4.

That 12-year run had four undefeated seasons, a winning streak of 88 games and a winning percentage of 94 percent. Wooden retired at age 64 and won a championship that final season. Coach K is still coaching at age 68. It appears that Wooden could have continued coaching and added to his legacy.

Coach K has done a fantastic job, but as the ESPN show is titled, “Numbers Never Lie.’’

Karl Vanderlinden, Boise