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Idaho hunters, anglers will pay new fee on licenses beginning May 1

If you’re planning to buy a hunting or fishing license in Idaho in 2017, you can save $5 by buying it this month.

On May 1, Idaho Fish and Game will implement the new access/depredation fee approved by the Legislature. The fee is $5 for resident adults and $10 for nonresident adults, payable on one license per year.

The fee is expected to generate $1 million per year each for sportsmen’s access and depredation programs, which are a combination of efforts to prevent damage by wildlife to private property and compensation for landowners who experience damages.

The fee was necessary to get Idaho Fish and Game’s new Price Lock structure through the Legislature.

Under Price Lock, anyone who buys a license in 2017 will pay that same price for at least five years as long as the licenses are purchased every year. Prices for everyone else increase about 20 percent in 2018. Price Lock also covers tags, and you only need to purchase one license per year to be eligible for the Price Lock on all licenses and tags.

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