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Downtown Falcon Cam unplugged this year; KestrelCam to launch soon

The Peregrine Fund has decided not to host the web camera this spring showing the peregrine falcons that nest in Downtown Boise every year.

However, the Bosch KestrelCam that shows the American kestrel family that nests on the roof of one of the Peregrine Fund’s buildings will return.

The falcon nest is on the 14th floor at One Capital Center.

“We know how much everyone loves to watch the family fledge chicks every year and hope that you will also enjoy watching our family of American kestrels again this spring as they raise their chicks just south of Boise,” the Peregrine Fund said in an email to supporters.

The decision not to show the falcon nest was part of a “change in programming” for The Peregrine Fund, said Erin Katzner, the director of community engagement.

“It had waned in popularity over the years, which was part of our decision-making,” Katzner said.

The kestrel pair already have been seen at their nest on The Peregrine Fund building. An egg is expected in the next week or so, and then the camera feed will be streamed online. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, webcam viewers will be able to ask questions of a biologist.

The incubation period for the eggs is about 30 days. The chicks are collected from the nest and banded before they leave.

For those who still want to see falcons, Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge north of Idaho Falls is planning a peregrine falcon camera this year.

Meanwhile, the Peregrine Fund hopes to open the World Center for Birds of Prey visitor center by the middle of this month. The building was severely damaged by the winter weather.