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Idaho Fish and Game closes another chunk of the Boise Foothills to protect big game

A look at the Boise River Wildlife Management Area closure.
A look at the Boise River Wildlife Management Area closure. Idaho Fish and Game

Idaho Fish and Game on Thursday announced that it has closed another large section of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area.

The latest closure covers the Charcoal Creek segment of the BRWMA, which is mostly east of Lucky Peak Lake (see map in the photo viewer above). Previously, Fish and Game closed the Boise Front segment that includes some Ridge to Rivers trails.

The only portion of the WMA that remains open is the Spring Shores segment north of the lake.

The indefinite closures are intended to protect wintering big-game animals from human disturbance.

Portions of the Charcoal Creek segment are south and east of Lucky Peak Lake and north of Blacks Creek Road.

“Providing secure areas for these animals to weather the storms, without additional stress from human disturbance, can improve their chances to survive the winter,” Zach Swearingen, Fish and Game habitat manager, said in a press release.

The Boise River Wildlife Management Area is used by about 7,000 mule deer in harsh winters, and elk, too. Much of it burned last summer in the Table Rock and Mile Marker 14 fires.

The closures are part of an intense effort by Fish and Game to protect big-game herds during this snowy winter. Fish and Game is feeding approximately 20,000 animals across the southern half of the state.

Meanwhile, animals that have been pushed into the Treasure Valley have run across a poisonous landscaping shrub that has killed dozens of deer, elk and pronghorn.

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