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Bogus Basin lights up the sky to celebrate the community ski area’s 75th year

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area began a yearlong celebration of its 75th year with a bang on Sunday night — or, more accurately, 15 minutes of bangs.

The fireworks show capped a festive, busy night at the community ski area 16 miles north of Boise. The program also included live music, hot chocolate and cookies from Albertsons and a torchlight parade.

The parade of about 150 people with deep ties to the ski area didn’t have the visual impact of some similar events because the skiers wore glowsticks instead of carrying something brighter and more hazardous, like flares.

But Bogus Basin General Manager Brad Wilson provided the highlight of the parade by wearing an LED suit and waving a 75th anniversary flag while leading the way down the mountain. He was popular with guests afterward who wanted to pose for photos with the man in the glowing suit.

The event was successful enough that Wilson expects to do it again next year. He doesn’t want to compete with other activities on New Year’s Eve.

“Judging by this I think it will be a New Year’s Day tradition,” Wilson said. “... That was fun. What a great crowd. This is so cool.”

Bogus Basin will celebrate its 75th birthday on Dec. 20. Other events this year include a summer celebration in July and a fund-raiser in September.

The parade highlighted the non-profit’s role in the community. Staff members, volunteers and user groups were among those represented.

“It’s a huge community asset and great for the Valley and a lot of different groups they support,” said Mark Wedeking, program director for the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation.

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Tamarack Resort and Brundage Mountain staged their fireworks shows and torchlight parades on New Year’s Eve. Check out videos of those celebrations below.