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Eighteen ducklings takes 2nd in Playing Outdoors photo contest

The Playing Outdoors/Idaho Camera photo contest winners (grand prize, first place, second place, third place and youth) and honorable mentions will be published in Tuesday’s edition of the Idaho Statesman.

We’re unveiling the winners online over several days.

Previously: Third place, youth winner


Second place: Paul Bradley

Bradley, 72 of Star, has become serious about photography in the last couple of years. He’s enjoyed taking pictures much longer but had other hobbies, like fly fishing, hunting and pickleball, that occupied his time.

“Now (photography) has taken the front burner more and more,” he said.

The ducks photo is one of his all-time favorites, he said. He captured the image while attending a Photographic Society of America workshop at Kathryn Albertson Park.

While several photographers took aim at a goose nest, Bradley moved into position to shoot a turtle.

“And behind this rock comes this momma wood duck with all these babies,” Bradley said. “It was almost like the military. These things were so lined up with their heads straight forward. It was incredible. How many times will you see a wood duck with 18 babies? So I had to capture that.”

Judge’s take

“It really does have beautiful detail with the ducks, and it’s a hen wood duck and many people always focus on the gaudy male. But this one is a beautiful shot of mom and the kids.” — Ken Miracle, Boise Camera Club board member

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