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Reading while floating takes 3rd in Playing Outdoors photo contest

The Playing Outdoors/Idaho Camera photo contest winners (grand prize, first place, second place, third place and youth) and honorable mentions will be published in Tuesday’s edition of the Idaho Statesman.

We’re unveiling the winners online over the next several days.

First up:

Third place: Karen Lowery

Lowery got into photography six years ago to enhance her digital scrapbooking and take better photos of her grandchildren. Her winning photo highlighted a glimpse of Idaho summer — her granddaughter, Taylor, reading a book while floating on a pond near Bull Trout Lake. Taylor was 10 at the time.

“With the kids, I always shoot from the hip,” said Lowery, who lives in Meridian and is 67. “I don’t like them to pose. Ninety-nine percent of the time I don’t like them to look at me and say, ‘Cheese.’ I like to just catch them in their off moments in what they’re doing. (Taylor) is pretty independent. She had fun getting out on the pontoon boat by herself. ... She said that was her quiet time out there, so I just snuck in the trees and zoomed in on her.”

Lowery has learned the value of knowing her camera as she’s built her photography skills.

“Take pictures every day so you know your camera,” she said. “If you don’t know your camera and have to stop and figure out how it works, you’ve missed your shot.”

Judge’s take

“I like this image because it just speaks of being in Idaho. This girl is just as comfortable on a boat with her book as she would be on her couch in the living room, and for many people Idaho outdoors is their living room.” — Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman photographer

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