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Here’s how to protect your bike before winter storage

As temperatures cool, many casual cyclists are parking their bikes in their garages or homes with little plan to use them until spring.

But bicycle experts say there’s one thing you should do before that — winterize your bike with a few steps that will help protect it.

One key recommendation — don’t leave the bike with its tires on the floor. The tires lose air, which can create creases in the tubes and tires and force you to buy replacements in the spring. Options include hanging the bike on a wall or from the ceiling, storing it upside down or placing towels under the tires to provide some cushion. Bikes parked inside on wood floors also can leave permanent black marks under the tires.

Sean Barnes, the shop manager at Bob’s Bicycles in Boise, runs through the steps you can take to protect your bike in the videos above and below. Those steps include washing the bike, drying it, putting air in the tires, degreasing the chain, oiling the chain and cables, waxing the bike and covering it.