Payette River hunting access dispute resolved, says Fish and Game

Concerns about property boundaries and ownership raised by a neighbor of the Payette River Wildlife Management Area have been addressed, meaning the full WMA is open to waterfowl hunters again, according to an Idaho Department of Fish and Game release.

The neighboring property owner had disputed the boundaries of 190 acres just west of Emmett that Fish and Game bought in 1970, as well as the ownership of several islands in the river that Fish and Game says were part of the purchase.

According to the release, the dispute began around 2006. The Idaho Department of Lands got involved and helped resolve the issue so that hunters can freely use the riverbanks and islands to hunt waterfowl.

"I'm pleased to report that the controversy has been resolved, and the islands that were historically part of the Payette river (Wildlife Management Area) are once again completely accessible to the public under Idaho Fish and Game management," said Jerry Deal, Fish and Game habitat manager, in the release.