Lucky Peak duck with dart in its neck ‘will likely suffer a slow death,’ officials say

A duck at Lucky Peak Lake was found with a blow dart lodged through its neck, according to a Facebook post from the Walla Walla District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees the lake and Lucky Peak Dam.

“WORDS FAIL,” the post said. “This is not okay. This will not be excused with a verbal warning.”

In the post, which was published late Thursday morning, officials said the female duck has eluded capture “and will likely suffer a slow death given the massive dart lodged in her neck.”

The circumstances surrounding the duck’s injury weren’t immediately clear, but the Corps said in its post that possessing loaded blowguns or other projectile-firing devices at Lucky Peak is prohibited. Such devices are allowed only for hunting, fishing or self-defense. Target shooting is also forbidden in the area.

Officials asked anyone who witnesses similar wildlife abuse incidents to call 208-343-0671 to file a report to the Lucky Peak Lake Office.

It’s the second incident in recent days in which an animal has been injured with a projectile. Last week, Nampa officials found a cat that had been shot with an arrow. The animal was taken to the West Valley Humane Society, where it died of its injuries.

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