Wolf trapping is a tool Idaho wildlife managers want to keep, but at what price?

Wolf trapping rules

Pages of rules govern wolf trapping in Idaho. Notable seasons and regulations include:

Education course prerequisite for buying wolf trapping license.

General season, Nov. 15-March 31 (Opens Oct. 10 in some units.) Note: Trappers lobbying for longer seasons in some units.

Trap types are regulated; snares allowed.

Tagging traps with trapper’s ID required.

Trap placement regulated, but loosely. Ground traps must be at least 5 feet from the “center line” of a maintained public trail. Proposed modifications to help protect dogs would extend the minimum set-back to 10 feet from the “edge” of any maintained public trail, and 300 feet from paved trails.

Check traps every 72 hours or sooner.

Report kill and present skull and hide to IDFG officials.

Limit, 10 wolves a year.

Tampering with someone else’s traps is prohibited.

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