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Barber Park trail (Easy)

Red-winged blackbirds sing up a storm along the Greenbelt path from Barber Park downstream toward ParkCenter.

In fact, the whole pathway is bursting with song, from robins to kingfishers.

It's spring and there's a whole lot of action going on during this stroll, run or hike along one of the most popular sections of the Boise Greenbelt.

It's an easy, go-it-at-your-own-pace-trail, and the elevation doesn't change much. It's a very popular Sunday stroll, and you're not in danger of getting in the way of a gonzo mountain biker . No bikes are allowed because it's some of the best wildlife habitat along the river. Just ask the birds.

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive to Eckert Road and head to Barber Park.

Open to: Hikers.

Ideal for: Just a stroll or bird watching.

Trailhead elevation: 2,791 feet; GPS 43 degrees, 33.939N; 116 degrees, 07.981W.

Destination elevation: One, two, three miles downstream where the elevation drops to about 2,713 feet.

Length: Depending on how far you go.

Difficulty: Easy.

Out and back or loop: Out and back from the parking lot at Barber Park, or you and your buddies can do a shuttle and leave a car at the end of ParkCenter Boulevard or somewhere near ParkCenter.

Wildlife you might see: Herons, flickers, kestrels, geese, ducks, blackbirds, juncos, robins, deer, and squirrels.

Notes/bathrooms: Restrooms are open at Barber Park. No bicycles allowed. Dogs must be on leashes because it's a wildlife area. Pick up after your dogs.

Information: None. Just do it.

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