Boise 10-year-old hooks 330-pound halibut

A 10-year-old Boise girl hooked a 330-pound halibut while fishing in Alaska.

Lily Hornish has been an enthusiastic angler since she was 4 years old, according to her father Bill Hornish.

When she went fishing with her family in Ketchikan Saturday, her bait attracted a massive halibut.

“She said, ‘Dad, I’m getting bites,’ and she sets the hook and said, ‘Dad, it’s big. I’ll need a little help,’” Bill Hornish said.

It turned out she needed more than a little help. The halibut needed every hand on the ship to help reel in. It took nearly an hour to pull the fish on board, Bill Hornish said.

It was a proud moment for Lily, Bill Hornish said.

“She was pretty excited. She (said), ‘Our fish is so awesome,’” he said.