Fishing report: Thursday, May 28


Chinook arrived in the Little Salmon River in large numbers last week, and the Rapid River Hatchery has trapped 564 fish so far. Fishing on both rivers has been good and should continue. There’s a big sport harvest share this year (11,300) and about 40 percent has been caught so far. The season should last a while, but when fishing is hot lots of fish get caught quickly, so don’t wait too long. Flows have been holding steady at 27,000 cfs at Whitebird and about 1,500 cfs on the Little Salmon, which are good fishing flows.

Getting there: Take U.S. 95 north to Riggins.


Fishing continues to be good, and no reason that should change. Fish and Game does not expect any closures this week, so fishing should continue through the weekend for remaining sections of the river open to fishing. About 30 percent of the sport harvest share remains, so don’t delay getting up there.

Getting there: Take U.S. 95 north to Lewiston and head upstream.


River flows dropped to about 800 cfs and the river is getting stocked with more trout, so it’s worth a try. Trout move around at different flows, so you have to find them, and wading is trickier at higher flows, but get out and explore and you can find some good trout fishing, and probably some hatches for dry fly fishing.

Getting there: Trout are stocked between Barber Park and Star.


A few brown drakes are hatching in the lower river and this world-famous hatch typically happens in the first week of June, so be prepared. You can expect crowds normally associated with salmon fishing, but it’s still a blast to hit the hatch on the right evening and see the creek’s fickle trout act as aggressive as freshly stocked hatchery fish.

Getting there: Take Interstate 84 to Mountain Home and U.S. 20 to the river.



Smallmouth bass fishing has been good on the eastside around the dam and golf course. Nice big fish, and people have been catching them on jerk baits, swim baits and even topwater baits. Trout and perch fishing have both been slow. If you’re after trout, head to Horsetheif Reservoir, where it’s been excellent.

Getting there: Take Idaho 55 to Cascade.


Bureau of Reclamation is planning to increase the flows from 600 cfs up to summer flows of 1,200 to 1,500 cfs this weekend, which signals the start floating season. Fishing has been fair so far, but it’s likely to be slow until the flows stabilize. Floaters, remember this river is still changing and watch out for rocks, logs and other hazards.

Getting there: Take Interstate 84 to Mountain Home and U.S. 20 to Anderson Ranch Dam Road.



Good fishing and great weather on the way make this an excellent weekend trip. This is Southern Idaho’s best stillwater trout fishing.

Getting there: Take Interstate 84 to Mountain Home and Idaho 51 south the reservation.