Fish and Game to treat Duff Lane Pond in Middleton on Monday; keep pets away for 24 hours

Eurasian watermilfoil has returned to Middleton’s Duff Lane Pond, making the pond all but unfishable. Fish and Game staff plan to treat the pond on Monday, May 18 with a granular herbicide that will kill the invasive aquatic weed and make the pond fishable once again.

Signs announcing the treatment will be placed at the pond in the days leading up to the activity, and the actual application will be done according to manufacturer guidelines by Fish and Game staff licensed as aquatic herbicide applicators. In the 24 hours following treatment, the public and their pets should not swim in or drink from the pond. Past milfoil treatments at Duff Lane Pond have resulted in no fish mortality.

The presence of the noxious weed in Duff Lane Pond is “a situation we face about every two years,” fisheries manager Joe Kozfkay noted. “Our last treatment here was in 2013, and fishing conditions remained great for two seasons. But the weed has returned and it’s time for another treatment.”

To learn more about the weed treatment effort, contact Kozfkay at the Fish and Game Nampa office, 465-8465.