Fish Rap: May brings us myriad fantastic fishing options

Just wanted to work “myriad” into the fishing report. Why? Because myriad options are better than limited options.

I get excited just thinking about them. In the course of talking to people for the fishing report, the conversation veered from largemouth bass to schools of perch and crappie to 8-pound rainbows to returning chinook salmon.

Add to that the improving and settling weather patterns and many waters reaching that magical temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s, and you have all the ingredients for epic fishing trips.

Seriously, if I go back a decade and start counting on my scarred and calloused fingers my top 10 fishing days, the majority would be in the spring, and the remainder fall or winter steelhead trips.

I enjoy the challenge of fishing, but sometimes I want to just show up and know I am going to catch a lot of fish, and May is probably the best month for that. The only dilemma is deciding which places to go and which species to fish for, and I will be honest — numbers count.

A day of autoloading bluegill can be more fun than fishing all day to catch a chinook, even though it would take dozens of them to match the weight of one salmon.

Sometimes you get both. Pick the right stretch of the Snake River and you can catch a whole bunch of cookie-cutter smallmouths with a few big ones in the mix.

Ditto for trout. I love float tubing and stripping flies. There’s usually plenty of action, and when you hook into a big rainbow that comes flying out of the water, it feels like you’ve gone from jigging for herring to marlin fishing. OK, that maybe a stretch, but you get my gist.

And to be honest, I like to share other people’s success. I love it when people send me photos of the big fish they catch for the “What I caught or shot” feature. Email them to and include the basic information of who, when and where.

Let’s see your trophy fish, or any others you’re proud of catching.