Fish Rap: It’s time to fish and camp at lakes and reservoirs

There’s no question this is my favorite time of year to fish and camp. The two go together so well in the spring. You get the long days and often sunny weather. The reservoirs and lakes are filling and warming, and all the fish seem to be going crazy.

That’s the recipe, and as we know, the dough doesn’t always rise, but it does often enough and the bad-memory filter kicks in and spring feels perfectly idyllic.

I look forward to both big and small fish this time of year. I can giggle endlessly when the bluegill and crappie go into piranha mode and gleefully attack everything.

Then there are the bruiser cruisers, those big trout that patrol the shorelines of reservoirs looking for something to grab so they can do the electric boogie on the end of your line.

Finally, the pot-bellied bass that grabs your favorite bait and fights with the fury of a boxer with his rival wobbly against the ropes.

Yes, I am looking at this with rose-colored glasses and a bad-memory filter that edits out all the rainy, windy spring days and those postcard sunny days when the fish go inexplicably awol.

But I will guarantee you that if you fish hard between now and summer and put in an honest effort, you will be rewarded with one, or all of the above, of those scenarios.

And camping doubles the fun. You get to watch the sunset over the water, hopefully while you’re getting those last casts in, and then relax to a lawn chair and your favorite camp dinner and cold beverage.

You wake up in the morning to the melodic notes of redwing blackbirds, swig some coffee, eat a quick breakfast and do it all over again.

I know it is a busy time of year for everyone, but if all that doesn’t tempt you, it’s time to readjust your priorities. We’re entering that prime season of fun, excitement and relaxation, and the long summer is ahead, but don’t let these precious weeks slip away.