Here’s your weekend fishing report for April 3


Mountain View, Billy Shaw and Sheep Creek are open. The area got hit by 50 mph winds earlier in the week and temps dropped to 16 degrees Wednesday morning. That will put a damper on fishing, but early fishing was fair-to-good and should bounce back quickly when the weather improves. Fish are in the shallows and accessible to bank anglers and float tubers. Camping is open with water and electricity at some sites.

Getting there: Take Interstate 84 to Mountain Home and go south to the reservation.


Bass anglers caught some lots of trophy-sized smallmouths during recent a recent tournament, so signs look good there. Some crappie are being caught near Powder River on the Oregon side. Reservoir is about 18 feet down, but all boat ramps are useable. Hells Canyon is also a good place for early-season camping.

Getting there: Take U.S. 95 to Cambridge and Idaho 71 to the reservoir.


Lucky Peak, Arrowrock and Anderson Ranch have had good early-season trolling, but they can be fickle. There are some big kokanee in Anderson Ranch if you can find them. Fishing will get better later, but it’s off to a solid start.

Getting there: Take Idaho 21 to Lucky Peak.


Good trout fishing with lots of fish in the 2-to-3 pound range. Trollers are taking them with gold spoons. The reservoir is nearing half full. This is one to watch this spring as it refills and the trout fishing takes off. It’s likely to keep producing big trout. No sign of the perch.

Getting there: Take Interstate 84 to Mountain Home and U.S. 20 to the West Magic Reservoir Road past Fairfield.


Steelhead fishing is winding down, but there are still lots of them available up there. About 700 fish have returned to the Stanley hatchery so far. Fish and Game reported eight hours per fish last week, which are respectable catch rates. River conditions look pretty favorable for anglers thanks to cooler weather.

Getting there: Take Idaho 21 to Stanley.


Good fishing for smallmouth bass and catfish. River temperature is in the mid 50s and flowing about 5,800 cfs at Nyssa. River flows should stay consistent until mid-April. Fish tend to be congregated in certain areas, so plan to search around, but there are big fish available now. Crankbaits in brown or green colors typically work well.

Getting there: Fish between Swan Falls and Marsing.


If you like to wade the river, flows will increase soon, so get out there and fish. There’s plenty of stocked and wild fish out there, so give it a try. Look for deep pools flowing at about walking speed, or immediately downstream from where a riffle pours into deeper water.

Getting there: Fish between Barber Dam and Star.