Bobber and Bait

This rig can catch bluegill, crappie, perch or trout. Clip a small, round bobber on your line 2 to 4 feet from the end.

* Tie on a hook (size 6 through 12) at the end of the line below the bobber. You might add a small split shot about 8-10 inches above the hook to sink your bait.

* The bobber can be moved up and down, depending on how deep the fish are. When you start getting fish, stay at that depth.

* Add a small garden worm to the hook, not a big piece of nightcrawler, but a small red worm found in your garden. Some fish are dainty when they take the bait.

* For trout, you can use a single salmon egg instead of a worm.

* For bluegill or trout, you might try a cricket or grasshopper.