Owyhee River (Oregon)

What's there: Brown trout and some rainbows.

Description: The Owyhee River is one of the best brown trout fisheries in the Northwest and one of the favorite fishing spots for Treasure Valley fly anglers. The river flows through a scenic rocky canyon and is easily accessible from a nearby road. Bugs hatch nearly year round, and brown trout are prolific surface feeders. The Owyhee fishes best in spring and fall, but you can catch a fish in it nearly any time of year. The Owyhee is fast becoming a regional destination, so it can get crowded during prime times. One way to beat the crowds is fish early and late in the day, especially during summer.

Getting there: Grab a road map and get to Adrian, Ore. It's just across the Snake River. Follow the signs toward Lake Owyhee State Park.

Drive time: About 1 hours.