Forget the birdnests when casting with WaveSpin

The WaveSpin reel makes it almost impossible for the line to birdnest during a cast.

That's a feature dad and mom will love, especially when they are trying to teach the kids how to fish.

Unlike the smooth lip on all other spinning reels, the WaveSpin reel features 16 smoothly rounded teeth - or waves - on the spool lip which completely eliminate the eruption of a birdnest due to a loop or loops that may have been retrieved onto the spool.

During casting, looped line lies harmlessly between the waves on the spool and simply unwinds on the next cast unnoticed and without creating tangles of any kind.

Even if a loop lies on the spool instead of between the waves, the patented design still allows the line to cast freely.

Cost: About $80; seen at