Anything goes (in) stir fry





Here's the fun of this recipe ; it lives up to its name. Grab your favorite meat, veggies and your biggest skillet.

I like to start with diced chicken breasts and spice them according to tastes. I like to go with regional themes. I might use Southwest spices like chili powder and mesquite when I brown the meat, then stir in onions, beans, cilantro, and top with cheddar cheese.

Or I might go with an Oriental theme and brown the chicken breasts in soy sauce and add bean sprouts, water chestnuts, rice, mushrooms, etc.

You can also swap the chicken for another meat and add another bunch of veggies that complement it. I've even done spicy sausage with veggies and rice and beans.

You get the idea. Use your imagination.

After cooking the stir fry, take it off the heat or turn the heat very low, cover and let it sit for about five minutes to absorb all the flavors.