Premade ribs and chicken

I am constantly experimenting with different meals for outdoor trips, trying to make hearty meals without hassle.

I am often leery of prepared foods, but sometimes, they are tasty, convenient and work great on camping trips.

Two I recently had good luck with are precooked frozen chicken wings and racks of ribs.

I prepare them both the same way.

I take the rack of ribs and double wrap it in aluminum foil. I usually use some nonstick spray on the inside of the aluminum foil before adding the ribs.

With the chicken wings, I put enough for about two people in foil. If you get too many wings in the foil, you're more likely to underheat some and burn others.

You can cook on a gas or charcoal grill, over a campfire, (preferably with a grill but you could also set them on top of hot coals.)

I cook on medium heat, which I gauge by holding my palm an inch or so over the grill. If I can hold my hand there for a few seconds, before it gets too hot, the grill is about the right temperature.

Put the foil wrapped meat on the grill for about 15 to 20 minutes and listen for sizzling inside the foil.

If you're cooking directly on coals, you will probably want to turn the foil package midway through cooking, and you might want to triple wrap the foil.

If you hear sizzling but are not sure if it's completed heated, remove from heat and let it sit for another five minutes, but don't open the foil until you're ready to eat.