Falls Campground (South Fork of the Snake River)

Falls Campground near the South Fork of the Snake River feels like North Idaho or the West Cascades more than eastern Idaho. The South Fork's dense cottonwood forest feels like a jungle with its tall, broad-canopied trees and lush underbrush. The campground is near Palisades Reservoir on the Wyoming border, but it is a fairly easy six-hour drive because it is mostly freeway driving.

How to get there: From Idaho Falls, go 43 miles east on U.S. 26.

Activities: Fishing and boating.

Amenities: Gravel RV pads, outhouses, drinking water.

Nearest place to get supplies: Swan Valley.

Fees/reservations: $10 per night single and $20 for doubles, for reservations call (877) 444-6777 or go to

Information: Call (208) 523-1412 or go to