Idaho Outdoors photo contest third-place winner: Dan Mottaz

Sometimes a great photograph is an accident, a product of being in the right place at the right time. Other times, a great photo is the result of patience and persistence. That’s the case for the picture Dan Mottaz took of the Teton Range on the Idaho/Wyoming border. “I instantly saw the shot that I wanted, but it was so darn cold. It was 4 degrees below zero,” Mottaz said. “So I set up the shot while leaving the engine on in my car. And every few minutes or so I would go out there and take a series of shots and then jump back in my car. ... I sort of did that for 30, 45 minutes or so.” Still, he still wasn’t sure if he had the result he wanted. “But when I got back home I saw that it was a real keeper,” Mottaz said. “I looked at the coloring and realized, ‘Oh gosh, I really snagged a good one here.’ ”