Flow trail bridge nearly completed, expected to be open by weekend

Mountain bikers will finally get a chance to ride the entire flow trail as it was originally designed. The trail has been split into two sections since it was built nearly two years ago.

Contractors are expecting to complete the bridge on Friday, April 3 and it will be open for riders on Saturday pending an inspection to make sure it’s ready, according to Scott Koberg, director of Ada County Parks and Waterways.

The bridge itself is pretty simple and straightforward, but the approaches were a major undertaking with lots of concrete building blocks and dirt work around it. The downhill side is a steep pitch that will launch riders into the lower section of the trail.

It will be exciting to watch gravity riders hit it. I might even take a shot at it myself, although the top half put over the bars once and landed me in physical therapy for about three weeks.

Some things are just irresistible and my excitement to ride this trail will probably over rule my bad memories.

Most people interested in this trail have already ridden it numerous times and are familiar with it, but if you haven’t, roll it at a reasonable speed and no what you’re getting yourself into. Then hang on and enjoy the ride.