Gearing up for the weekend

A clean-up kit and a first-aid item might not run the revs into the redline, but when you need them, you really need them. These are both inexpensive items you can add to duffel bag to make your trip more comfortable and safe. 

Paper Shower

Being outdoors, especially in summer, can mean getting grubby. Sweat, bug dope and sunscreen can leave you sticky and icky, especially when you crawl into a sleeping bag at night. If you don’t feel like bathing in a lake or cold stream, this is an alternative.

“Paper Shower” is a 10”x12” durable towelette that is designed to be large enough and thick enough to clean up in camp, or after a mountain bike ride, hike or other activity. It’s larger and more durable than most baby wipes, but gets that top layer of grunge off.

Here’s the company's sales pitch: “Unique system includes a moist towelette (with 99.9% saturated saline), a soap and a glycerine-based moisturizer followed by a separate, dry towellete results in one’s skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed when showering is not an option.”

Price: About $88-cents each or about $10 per dozen.

For more information go to here.

QuikClot clotting gauze

This is a good thing to have along in all outings because you never know when you might get a nasty cut or scrape far away from any help. Carry a packet in your pack, glove box, hydration pack, fishing gear, or even in your pocket. If you get cut or scraped, it stops the bleeding. I carry these when mountain biking, and have used them with some success after I took a spill. Tear open the package, apply the gauze, and it stems the bleeding.

Here’s the company's sales pitch: “QuikClot is a chemically inert material that speeds the coagulation of blood, resulting in a stable clot that stops bleeding.”

Price: $15 to $50 depending on which kit.

For more information go here.