Pete Zimowsky: Itch, itch - darn noseeums

We were enjoying a dip in a creek near Stanley over the weekend and a picnic under the pines. It was beautiful.

The scenery was gorgeous from one mountain range to another. What wasn't pleasant was what we didn't see.

Normally, I wear a hat everywhere outdoors. But after the swim my wife and I weren't wearing hats while we had a picnic.

The next morning at home we had severely itchy lumps from dozens of noseeum bites on our head. They are hands down worse than mosquitoes. The bites get more red and more itchy as the days go by.

It's prime mosquito and noseeum season up in the mountains. Be aware and be prepared.

Although it's not cool (fashionwise and weatherwise), long pants and long-sleeved shirts are the best way to go. I know, it's so much more pleasant to wear shorts and a T-shirt. Whatever.

Don't forget the hat and the insect repellant. And for relief of the itch? I've found that Witch Hazel works great. A reader told me that rubbing alcohol is a good remedy, too.

Itch, itch, scratch, darn.