Ride Sun Valley brings the fun downtown Friday evening

Watching a goofy bike race is fun, but watching a goofy race where people dress in costumes, ride bikes poorly suited for racing and actually compete is even cooler.

Such was the case at the Ride Sun Valley criterium. The racing was surprisingly intense and even had a couple crashes (without injuries) as riders swooped around a city block in downtown Ketchum and traded bikes with a teammate after every lap.

But intense didn't necessarily mean serious. There seemed to be more laughter than game faces, and a group of local racing gals, 'The Vamps," raced on an old Schwinn Stingray and cheered at the simple fact they didn't finish last.

More events are scheduled this weekend, including Scott Enduro Cup by GoPro, Ride Sun Valley bike expo and demo, local trail rides, Kids mountain bike race, and more.

For a full schedule of events and more information about the week go to ridesunvalley.com/