Gearing up for the weekend

Here are some cool new toys, gadgets and gear to consider as you head into the Great Outdoors. Click on images above to see them. 

ExtremeBeam flashlight

Tactical flashlights are all the rage these days because they blend bright, tough and cool-looking into a compact package. This is one is designed to trick out your favorite firearm, or just provide a really bright flashlight.

Here's the company's sales pitch: "The SX21R incorporates ExtremeBeam's BalancedBeam Technology to provide users with 308 meters of light projection, 7 hours of runtime, and Anti-Recoil protection up to .50 BMG in a thick aluminum housing that weighs just under 6 ounces." 

Price: $80.

For more information go to www.extremebeam.com.

Nikon Pro Staff binoculars

Nikon needs no introduction when it comes to cameras and lenses, and its taken its experience with optics and successfully applied it to binoculars and riflescopes. 

Here's Nikon's sales pitch: “Combining a sleek new ergonomic body design with an improved optical system, the PROSTAFF 7S is the most advanced PROSTAFF binocular model to date. Thanks to Fully Multilayer-Coated Lenses and Phase-Correction Coated Prisms, the PROSTAFF 7S delivers sharp images with superior resolution and clarity." 

Price: $190 to $220 depending on model. 

For more information go to Nikon.