More areas near Fairfield opened for camping

The Fairfield Ranger District opened will be a large portion of the Kelley Fire closure area, north of Mountain Home and around Fairfield.

The general fire area is open for camping and other recreation, and Kelley Creek Trail 050 is now open to the Iron Mountain lookout.

Areas that remain closed include the Baumgartner Campground and hot pool, some dispersed campsites and the Kelley Salvage Timber Sale area, which is located south of Forest Service Road 071.

The following trails remain closed:

West Fork Kelley Creek Trail 038

Gardner Gulch Trail 980

Beaver Creek Trail 052

East Fork Beaver Creek Trail 053

Deadwood Creek Trail 054

Beaver-Deadwood Connector Trail 822

Ponderosa Trail System (Learners Loop) Trails 609, 610 and 611

Crews continue to work on these trails to repair damage from the fire that occurred last summer. The Baumgartner Campground and hot pool remain closed for public safety, the Forest Service said.

The Fairfield Ranger District will continue to open more areas and trails as conditions allow.

Campers are urged to be careful with campfires. Although forest crews have been working to reduce the hazards from dead or fire-damaged trees, those using the forest should be aware of falling trees if wind storms occur.

For information on the area, call the ranger district at 764-3202.