Expect traffic delays over Hells Canyon Dam

Travelers planning to drive over Hells Canyon Dam June 25–27 should prepare for significant delays while crews repair communications cable on the bridge leading to the dam.

Between the hours of 7 a.m.–5 p.m., the road will be completely closed to traffic except for a 15-minute window at the end of every two-hour period, Idaho Power said. The work being conducted by Pine Telephone System requires the use of a crane, which will block the road.

A traffic flagger will be stationed on the Idaho side of the dam. A message board will be placed at the Oxbow Bridge on the Idaho side of the river to provide information and updates on the status of the road.

The area below Hells Canyon Dam is a popular launch site for floating the Hells Canyon section of the Snake River. It is also access to the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area visitor center and the one-mile trail down the Oregon side of the river. Visitors also enjoy watching mountain goats on the Idaho side of the river from the visitor center.