Nerd alert: Roger and his rifles go shooting

I have to laugh at myself every time I shoot off a benchrest. I carefully label my targets so I know which rifle and which load I was shooting, then I go home and measure each group (with a caliper, no less) to see which loads shot best. 

It gives me confidence when I am hunting, and is also good practice. Targets don't lie, and I can tell if myself or the guns aren't shooting up to par. 

I was shooting my so-called "tactical" rifles – a .308 long-range and an AR-15. I can't call them "tactical" or even "black rifles" with a straight face. I'm not expecting a zombie apocalypse or the U.N. to take over America, they're both just fun guns to shoot and soft recoiling so I can shoot them all day without feeling like I placed second in a butt-kicking contest. 

I spent about three hours at the range shooting, and another 3 hours at home measuring groups, averaging them, taking notes on which load worked best, and reloading more ammo. 

Yep, that's me. Tactical nerd.